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#DO NOT CHANGE the next line, we need it for configure to find the compiler
#instead of using the default from the "make" program.
#Use a line further down to change the value for CC.
# Change and use these defines if configure cannot find your Motif stuff.
# Unfortunately there is no "standard" location for Motif. {{{
412,6 → 412,7
# Motif version must have XPM libraries (see |workshop-xpm|).
# Uncomment this when you do not want the netbeans interface.
#CONF_OPT_NETBEANS = --disable-netbeans
CONF_OPT_NETBEANS = --disable-netbeans
# SNIFF - Include support for SNiFF+.
#CONF_OPT_SNIFF = --enable-sniff
500,7 → 501,7
# again.
#CC = cc
#CC = gcc
# COMPILER FLAGS - change as you please. Either before running {{{1
# configure or afterwards. For examples see below.
15,12 → 15,8
build: $WRKDIR
cp files/Makefile $WRKDIR/src/Makefile
cp files/ascii.h $WRKDIR/src/ascii.h
cp files/eval.c $WRKDIR/src/eval.c
cp files/ex_getln.c $WRKDIR/src/ex_getln.c
cp files/os_unix.c $WRKDIR/src/os_unix.c
cp files/memline.c $WRKDIR/src/memline.c
cp files/memfile.c $WRKDIR/src/memfile.c
cp files/charset.c $WRKDIR/src/charset.c
cd $WRKDIR/src
ape/psh ./configure --disable-netbeans
ape/psh ./configure
ape/psh -c make