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This is basically ex/vi 3.7, 6/7/85, from the 2.11BSD distribution. I
added the manual pages and the 2.11 termcap and made some smaller fixes.

A larger addition is the ability to handle ISO character sets. It is
enabled by default, although it may produce subtle changes in vi's
behaviour I did not discover yet. The handling is not perfect since
it does not apply to the character range 0200 to 0239 that contains
seldom-used control sequences and since the regular expression code
has not been updated at all. In case you prefer the 7-bit only,
classic version, remove -DISO from OPTIONS in the Makefile.

I compiled this only on my Linux 2.2.15 / glibc 2.1.3 box. Compilation
reports from other systems are highly welcome, whether successful or
not (in the latter case add a detailed description). You will get
some warnings about signal handler types; ignore them. The additional
tools (expreserve, exrecover, mkstr, xstr) will not be built by
default; they probably will not compile.

In any case, the included version of the termcap library must be used
since the use of malloc() in other implementations collides with the
sbrk() calls in vi. All you need is an /etc/termcap file; if your
system lacks one, fetch it from <>.

Gunnar Ritter
Freiburg i. Br.