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This is version 3 of the editor. It is too large to fit on a pdp-11
unless you have overlay code. (Such code is available for v7 unix on 2bsd.)

Version 2.13 corresponds to version 3 without the enhancements in 3.
There is no reason to use 2.13 unless you have a pdp-11 that does not have
overlay software, since 3 contains all the bug fixes and some new features.

Special installation notes for this version.
2) The include file varargs.h should be installed, as the printf here needs it.
3) The include file local/uparm.h should be installed, as ex_tune.h needs it.
   The contents of this include file can be modified if you wish to place
   the editor in a nonstandard location.

Conditional compilation flags:
        -DTRACE         for debugging (wont then fit on an 11)
        -DVFORK         for UCB Vax/Unix with the vfork system call.
        -DCHDIR         compile in undocumented old chdir (cd) command
        -DLISP          compile in lisp hacks
        -DCRYPT         -x option to edit encrypted files