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290 15d 12h 7u83 /branches/ Merged into trunk  
288 15d 12h 7u83 /branches/dq/ Merged trunk  
258 23d 05h 7u83 /branches/mgen-loop-detection/ test bnfs  
257 23d 05h 7u83 /branches/mgen-loop-detection/ added a print_sym function  
256 23d 05h 7u83 /branches/mgen-loop-detection/ Added a lot of debug printfs  
252 25d 09h 7u83 /branches/mgen-loop-detection/ More testing  
251 25d 11h 7u83 /branches/mgen-loop-detection/ Removed another potential loop condition  
250 25d 11h 7u83 /branches/mgen-loop-detection/ Fixed some cycling rules  
249 25d 16h 7u83 /branches/mgen-loop-detection/ An AVL tree is added to parser to save states for loop detection  
248 25d 16h 7u83 /branches/mgen-loop-detection/ To check out how to implement loop detection  
240 27d 01h 7u83 /branches/ All data should erged into trunk  
236 28d 16h 7u83 /branches/tmp-mgen-restored/ Resotre tmp-mgen  
235 28d 17h 7u83 /branches/ Temporary branch is deleted now  
234 28d 17h 7u83 /branches/ Most development should occur in trunk now  
228 28d 19h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Out-commented the goto-statement, some reformatting  
227 28d 19h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Fixed: expression was always false  
226 28d 19h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Fixed line breaks  
225 28d 19h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Fix: uses correct elem_size with realloc  
224 29d 03h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Complete Algol 60 grammer  
223 29d 03h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Merged understanding \t \s \v \s ...  

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