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290 50d 17h 7u83 /branches/ Merged into trunk  
288 50d 17h 7u83 /branches/dq/ Merged trunk  
258 58d 10h 7u83 /branches/mgen-loop-detection/ test bnfs  
257 58d 10h 7u83 /branches/mgen-loop-detection/ added a print_sym function  
256 58d 10h 7u83 /branches/mgen-loop-detection/ Added a lot of debug printfs  
252 60d 14h 7u83 /branches/mgen-loop-detection/ More testing  
251 60d 16h 7u83 /branches/mgen-loop-detection/ Removed another potential loop condition  
250 60d 16h 7u83 /branches/mgen-loop-detection/ Fixed some cycling rules  
249 60d 21h 7u83 /branches/mgen-loop-detection/ An AVL tree is added to parser to save states for loop detection  
248 60d 22h 7u83 /branches/mgen-loop-detection/ To check out how to implement loop detection  
240 62d 06h 7u83 /branches/ All data should erged into trunk  
236 63d 21h 7u83 /branches/tmp-mgen-restored/ Resotre tmp-mgen  
235 63d 22h 7u83 /branches/ Temporary branch is deleted now  
234 63d 22h 7u83 /branches/ Most development should occur in trunk now  
228 64d 00h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Out-commented the goto-statement, some reformatting  
227 64d 00h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Fixed: expression was always false  
226 64d 00h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Fixed line breaks  
225 64d 00h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Fix: uses correct elem_size with realloc  
224 64d 08h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Complete Algol 60 grammer  
223 64d 08h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Merged understanding \t \s \v \s ...  
222 64d 08h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Updated some rules  
221 64d 08h 7u83 /branches/tmp-mgen/ Understands now \n \t \v \s as whitespaces  
220 64d 08h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Initializes filename with NULL  
219 64d 09h 7u83 /branches/tmp-mgen/ Missing file  
218 64d 09h 7u83 /branches/tmp-mgen/ Working copy to fix core dump  
217 64d 09h 7u83 /branches/tmp-mgen/ A working copy  
216 64d 20h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ line and column numbers are exclusively derived from MGEN_CHAR. - not from MGEN_FILE anymore.  
215 64d 20h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ added macro mgen_ring_getat  
214 65d 00h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Counts line and column numbers correctly  
213 65d 07h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Renamed labels  
212 65d 07h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Introduced new structure for mgen_rule_set  
211 65d 08h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Deleted the of flag in MGEN_FILE  
210 65d 08h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ deleted old out-commented code  
209 65d 08h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Fix: $(TESTPRG) -> $(TSTPRG)  
208 65d 08h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Removed mgen_run.c  
207 65d 08h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Compiles w/o warnings  
206 65d 09h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Added addition bnf to test  
205 65d 09h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ make clean removes also test files.  
204 65d 09h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Fix: mgen_ring_seek, when restoring state  
203 65d 10h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Compiles w/o warnings now