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223 118d 12h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Merged understanding \t \s \v \s ...  
216 119d 01h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ line and column numbers are exclusively derived from MGEN_CHAR. - not from MGEN_FILE anymore.  
212 119d 12h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Introduced new structure for mgen_rule_set  
207 119d 13h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Compiles w/o warnings  
161 122d 15h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Forces non-terminals to start with < followed a character except space or tab
Thus it is possible to use < as terminal.
151 124d 00h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ Renamed mgen_file to mgen_stream  
138 126d 15h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ new function mgen_create_rule_set  
135 126d 19h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ get_left_hand_side fully implemented, but not tested yet  
133 126d 21h 7u83 /branches/bnf/mgen/ functions to form the mgen library