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388 78d 23h 7u83 /tags/Crl/0.0.1/ Version 0.0.1  
386 78d 23h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/ Readme and Changes added  
385 78d 23h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/ Removed derby.log  
384 79d 00h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/ Merged first java verson of Crl to trunk  
356 80d 20h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ Uses read to buf[16384] instead of readline  
355 80d 20h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ Prints start before fetching the url and finish when finished.  
354 80d 20h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ Does not output the page.  
353 80d 20h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/ Reads only on page ---  
352 80d 23h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/ Imported to RsRch  
351 80d 23h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/ Imported to RsRch