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412 77d 07h 7u83 /tags/Crl/0.0.2/ Version 0.0.2 with fill HBase support
Porbably the last version which also supports DerbyDB
411 77d 07h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/ Refactor: renamed db.insert in db.addJob  
410 77d 08h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ Refactor: renamed db.insert in db.addJob  
409 77d 16h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ Smarter time management  
408 77d 16h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ Smarter time management  
407 77d 18h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/ paramters for server added  
406 77d 22h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ Runs with hbase now  
405 77d 22h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ Test stuff in Crl.  
404 77d 22h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ All interface methods are implmented  
403 77d 22h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ Renamed addPage to addParseJob  
402 77d 23h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ Most functions for DB interface are implemented  
401 77d 23h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ Added endJob method  
400 78d 02h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ Reformatted  
399 78d 11h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/ Building the HBase driver  
396 79d 18h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ Created Db Interface  
395 79d 18h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/ Added Cassandra dependency, renamed Db to DerbyDb.  
393 79d 18h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/ updated changes  
392 79d 20h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ Random reschedule when too many connections registered  
391 79d 21h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ More optimazions for DerbyDB (commits after insetMany)  
390 79d 21h 7u83 /trunk/Crl/src/main/java/org/planix/crl/ Optimazion for DerbyDB, autocommit off with new function in db insertMany  

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