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266 224d 22h 7u83 /tags/mgen/0.0.3/ All problems with corrupted sstack seems to be solved  
265 224d 22h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ Runs now w/ new sstack, which is more like a linked list now
(No "stack corruption" anymore)
264 225d 01h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ bnf examples  
263 225d 01h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ mgen_ring_alloc returns now a boolean as int instead of size_t.
The return value indicates if malloc has succeded or not.
262 225d 02h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/man/ Added man page  
261 225d 03h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ Added test case which currently resultsw in a endless-loop  
260 225d 03h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ reduntant initialization of rhs_list removed  
259 225d 03h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ print encloses terminals in '' for better readebility of terminals which are
some kind of whitespace.
247 228d 15h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ \eof is now detected as EOF terminal  
246 228d 15h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ Added some debug printfs, but these are out-commented
Also there is a print_boolean function now.
245 228d 15h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ Removed an unused out-commentedd code line  
244 228d 15h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ Print tree before parse  
243 228d 17h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ Moved comment to right place  
242 229d 14h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ bnf defines bnf itself  
241 229d 14h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ | is scapable now by \  
239 230d 23h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ Honors return value of mgen_read_ruleset now and exists if it is false.  
238 230d 23h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ Exits with error code now  
237 231d 05h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ Got latest changes from tmp branch  
233 231d 06h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ "voided" return value of strcpy calls and removed one printf to
eliminate compiler warnings.
229 231d 08h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ BNF parser can now interpret \n \t \s ..
A lot of bug fixes

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