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144 237d 16h 7u83 /tags/mgen-0.0.1/ First working version.

Limits: max. 1000 chars, no bounds checking, mgen_parse can only
decide if a file matches the grammer (true/false), no error
handling at al.
143 237d 16h 7u83 /trunk/mgen/ Merged first mgen with fully working mgen_parse  
130 240d 23h 7u83 /trunk/ Merged bnf (mgen) branch

mgen is a BNF parser.
129 240d 23h 7u83 /branches/bnf/ renamed bnf to mgen  
127 241d 00h 7u83 /branches/bnf/bnf/ Merged last cleanup branch  
125 241d 00h 7u83 /branches/bnf/bnf/ Merged cleanup branch  
122 241d 00h 7u83 /branches/bnf/bnf/ make clean removes .core files  
121 241d 00h 7u83 /branches/bnf/bnf/ More complex test cases  
120 241d 00h 7u83 /branches/bnf/bnf/ Removed spaces to make it compatible with current BNF parser  
119 241d 00h 7u83 /branches/bnf/bnf/ Syntax parsing works now  
118 241d 09h 7u83 /branches/bnf/bnf/ currently causes a segfault  
117 241d 14h 7u83 /branches/bnf/bnf/ new approach to parse BNF  
116 241d 21h 7u83 /branches/bnf/bnf/ Work on simplifiing  
115 242d 02h 7u83 /branches/bnf/bnf/ Added macros mgen_tell and mgen_seek  
114 242d 03h 7u83 /branches/bnf/bnf/ All characters read from input file are stored into buffer.
Thus we can implement seek functions.

WARNING: currently the buffer size is only 1024 bytes. No realloc
is done by mgen_getc. Also there is no error checking when
mgen_ungetc is onvoked on an empty buffer.
113 242d 15h 7u83 /branches/bnf/bnf/ simplified problem cases  
112 242d 15h 7u83 /branches/bnf/bnf/ Can parse some PRGs, but fails when multiple <Rules> are present.

Manyy compiler warnings currently
111 242d 16h 7u83 /branches/bnf/bnf/ make clean removes $(PRG) now  
110 242d 16h 7u83 /branches/bnf/bnf/ Removed out-commented old code wich used "ungetc" system function  
109 242d 16h 7u83 /branches/bnf/bnf/ Test BNFs + Program  

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