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121 254d 08h 7u83 /ports/trunk/editors/rvi/ More vi running  
120 254d 22h 7u83 /ports/trunk/editors/rvi/ Missing file  
119 254d 23h 7u83 /ports/trunk/editors/rvi/ Screen size detection  
118 257d 18h 7u83 /ports/trunk/editors/rvi/ Works almost with FreeBSD  
117 258d 07h 7u83 /os/trunk/sys/src/cmd/unix/u9fs/ Added install prefix ($PREFIX)  
116 258d 17h 7u83 /ports/trunk/editors/rvi/ Compiles under FreeBSD  
115 258d 18h 7u83 /ports/trunk/editors/rvi/ Compiles under FreeBSD  
114 258d 23h 7u83 /ports/trunk/editors/rvi/ Added a "table head" comment for better readabillity.  
113 259d 19h 7u83 /ports/trunk/editors/rvi/ RVI Compiles under Unix (but not on Plan9 anymore)  
112 259d 23h 7u83 /os/trunk/ Posix improvements  
111 259d 23h 7u83 /os/branches/feature_posix/sys/include/ape/ Better error message  
110 259d 23h 7u83 /os/branches/feature_posix/sys/include/ape/ Added include guard  
109 260d 22h 7u83 /ports/trunk/editors/rvi/ declared a lot of void functions the right way  
108 260d 23h 7u83 /ports/trunk/editors/rvi/ We can compile rvi under Plan 9 an run it partially  
107 261d 07h 7u83 /ports/trunk/editors/rvi/ rvi compiles now, but is still not linking  
106 261d 09h 7u83 /ports/trunk/editors/rvi/ Changes to make vi compilable on a modern system  
105 261d 15h 7u83 /ports/trunk/editors/ rvi compiles some files  
104 261d 16h 7u83 /ports/trunk/unix/libterm/ More ansi C conform  
103 261d 22h 7u83 /ports/trunk/editors/vim/wrk/ extracted wrk  
102 261d 22h 7u83 /os/branches/feature_fixcpp/ Merged latest changes from trunk like posix stuff  

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