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117 451d 08h 7u83 /os/trunk/sys/src/cmd/unix/u9fs/ Added install prefix ($PREFIX)  
112 453d 00h 7u83 /os/trunk/ Posix improvements  
111 453d 00h 7u83 /os/branches/feature_posix/sys/include/ape/ Better error message  
110 453d 00h 7u83 /os/branches/feature_posix/sys/include/ape/ Added include guard  
102 454d 23h 7u83 /os/branches/feature_fixcpp/ Merged latest changes from trunk like posix stuff  
101 454d 23h 7u83 /os/branches/feature_fixcpp/sys/src/ preliminary fix  
98 455d 02h 7u83 /os/branches/feature-vt/ To build a better vt100 emmulation  
97 455d 15h 7u83 /os/trunk/sys/include/ape/ strncascmp defined with size_t insted of int  
95 455d 15h 7u83 /os/trunk/ Some newer posix functions  
94 471d 16h 7u83 /os/branches/feature_posix/sys/include/ape/ Added getpwent and setpwent prototypes  
93 471d 17h 7u83 /os/branches/feature_posix/ Updated from trunk  
92 471d 20h 7u83 /os/trunk/ Bug fix in cpp - the C pre-processor for POSIX

When there were certein non-UTF8 characters in an input file,
especially inside a string or a commeent, cpp stopped processing
with a message like: end of file while inside string/comment ...

This bug has ben fixed, and cpp compiles such filesi, even if there
is wrong UTF8-encoding inside a string.
90 472d 10h 7u83 /os/branches/feature_fixcpp/sys/src/cmd/cpp/ Fix: dosn't gets confused when 0xfe or 0xff in input file  
88 473d 02h 7u83 /os/branches/feature_fixcpp/sys/src/cmd/cpp/ Modyfied EOF/EOB detection

does not nork ...
87 473d 03h 7u83 /os/branches/feature_fixcpp/ Branch to fix some CPP (ansi c pre processor) isues  
86 473d 17h 7u83 /os/trunk/sys/lib/ports/ file  
85 473d 17h 7u83 /os/trunk/sys/include/ape/ #error directive when no extension is defined  
83 473d 20h 7u83 /os/trunk/sys/lib/ports/disfiles/ directory for dist files download  
80 473d 21h 7u83 /os/trunk/sys/lib/ports/ Lib directory and tools for the port system  
79 473d 22h 7u83 /os/trunk/ TLS v1.2 in the kernel now  

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