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84 1333 d 1 h 7u83 /ports/trunk/editors/vim/ Some patches to make it work

but it still does not work
82 1333 d 4 h 7u83 /ports/trunk/editors/vim/ Makefile uses now /sys/lib/ports/  
81 1333 d 4 h 7u83 /ports/trunk/ Merged vim-port branch  
75 1335 d 0 h 7u83 /ports/branches/vim-port/editors/vim/ Makefiles for vim  
41 1341 d 9 h 7u83 /ports/trunk/unix/libterm/ cleani-target added and tpus

libtermcap.a can be built, but there was no testing til now.
Probability is high that nothing works.
40 1341 d 9 h 7u83 /ports/trunk/unix/libterm/ Compiles w/o warnings with a C89 compiler  
39 1341 d 11 h 7u83 /ports/trunk/unix/libterm/ Removed __P macro for prototyping

So it compiles uhnder Plan9 and maybe other
old systems.
38 1341 d 11 h 7u83 /ports/trunk/unix/libterm/ Compiles without warnings

cc -c tgoto.c -std=c89 -pedantic -Wall
37 1341 d 12 h 7u83 /ports/trunk/unix/libterm/ Compiles without warnings

Using a "modern" C compiler it compiles in a
posix environment using the following command:
cc -pedantic -Wall -std=c89 -c termcap.c
36 1341 d 15 h 7u83 /ports/trunk/unix/ libterm, taken from 4.3BSD  
21 1347 d 3 h 7u83 /ports/trunk/ Merged libtermcap branch  
20 1347 d 3 h 7u83 /ports/branches/termcap/gnu-libtermcap/ mk build && mk install builds and install libtermcap  
19 1347 d 4 h 7u83 /ports/branches/termcap/gnu-libtermcap/ mkfile with fetch and extract  
18 1347 d 4 h 7u83 /ports/branches/termcap/gnu-libtermcap/ Added fetch and extract function  
17 1347 d 9 h 7u83 /ports/branches/termcap/ Create termcap branch  
13 1352 d 4 h 7u83 /ports/branches/vim-port/editors/ mkfile created  
12 1352 d 4 h 7u83 /ports/branches/vim-port/ Working path for vim port  
11 1352 d 5 h tube /ports/trunk/posix/ Path for ports which need posix  
10 1352 d 17 h /ports/ Directories for ports tree  

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