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91 723d 05h 7u83 /branches/algol60/ New Algol 60 Branch  
89 723d 06h 7u83 /trunk/ TenDRA works on FreeBSD 386

with this merge TenDRA can be compiled under FreeBSD and also
compile itself. Therefore al lot of headers had to be created in
/src/lib/machines/freebsd/80x86/include because the latest FreeBSD
headers are poluted with variadic macros which TenDRA currently can't

Further changes:

- tcc is compiled in pure ANSI mode by default now
- some serious bugs (return w/o value from int function)
were removed. These bugs were not seen in TenDRA 4. Introduced
in TenDRA 5 somehow.
- There seems to be still a bug which prevents correct compiling
when structure alignment is set to 8 bits. Works only with
32 bits for now.
38 739d 21h 7u83 /trunk/ Simplified build system with Makefiles / NetBSD

The Makefiles from TenDRA 5.0.0 were hard to read and hard to debug.
In the next release (probably 5.0.1) Makefiles should be reduced to
basicaly *one* Makefile in TenDRA's base directory and one config file,
also located in the base directory.
There is linking of c_tok into anymore. c_tok and other stuff
is linked into which almost always must be loaded to get stuf
Furthermore this merge conainns a new tspec version which (internally)
generates Makefiles from a template. In the future this template should
be loadable by program arguments.
In this merge are many hacks to get TenDRA work on NetBSD 8.0. All
other systems will probably not work.
9 746d 09h 7u83 /trunk/ Updated for NetBSD 8  
7 746d 17h 7u83 /trunk/ Merged TenDRA 5.0.0 into trunk  
2 746d 18h 7u83 /trunk/ Import of TenDRA 4.1.2  
1 746d 18h 7u83 / Dirs for trunk, branches and tags