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128 230d 04h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/src/lib/ Partially pthread for FreeBSD 86 implemented  
127 230d 05h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/src/lib/apis/posix3/ stdbool fully implemented  
126 230d 05h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/src/ Some parts of posix3 stdbool implemented  
122 374d 02h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/ Installs libraries in stage 2, make clean-all cleans objs created in stage 2  
120 375d 00h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/ Updated install instructions  
119 375d 00h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/src/lib/machines/freebsd/amd64/tokens/ Again the dirty hack like at rev@88, now for amd64

Structs must be aligned to 32 instead of 8 to avoid the compiler error
"internal error: check_shape: pointer_test"
It would happen in src/tools/tspec when comping main.c
118 375d 00h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/src/installers/amd64/common/ copied from x86, because the amd64 file was just modified by
inserting some braces and introducing some bugs
117 375d 01h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/src/lib/env/freebsd/common/amd64/ Environment for FreeBSD AMD64 (but only supports 32 bit)  
116 375d 02h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/ Uses -LIBS- variable to define libraries  
115 441d 01h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/src/tools/tnc/ installer for start script and man page  
114 441d 04h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/src/tools/tnc/ Makefile uses  
113 442d 00h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/ Added AS for FreeBSD  
112 442d 00h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/src/lib/machines/freebsd/amd64/include/ Header files added  
111 442d 00h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/src/lib/machines/freebsd/amd64/include/ Includes from 386  
110 442d 01h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/ Better cleaning, but still not complete  
109 442d 02h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/src/ Makefile for amd64  
108 659d 12h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/src/build/ Added missing API files  
107 659d 12h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/ Builds now all stages  
106 664d 01h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/ To compile all stages  
104 664d 02h 7u83 /branches/tendra5/src/lib/machines/freebsd/80x86/tokens/ Install before compiling except_toks etc.  

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